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All Planning and Zoning Applications Are Now Filed Online on OpenGov including Zoning Certificates, Sign Permits, Minor Subdivisions, and Board and Commission Requests
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How do I file an application to the Planning & Zoning Division?

All applications must be submitted online at OpenGov. The website allows for applications to be submitted, paid for and tracked online.  

When do I need a Zoning Certificate?

A Zoning Certificate is required for the construction or alteration of a building or structure, construction or alteration or a site element or the change of use of a property. The requirement for a Zoning Certificate includes the following:

  • The construction or demolition of any new building or structure
  • The construction or demolition of an addition to any existing building or structure
  • An alteration to an existing building or structure
  • The construction or alteration of a site element such as a driveway, parking space, sidewalk, patio, fence, swimming pool, non-residential lighting and landscaping, etc.
  • The initial establishment of a use on all, or a portion of, a building or site
  • A change of the use of all, or a portion of, a building or site
When do I need a Sign Permit?

A Sign Permit is required for the erecting, location, relocation, alteration or replacement of permanent or temporary signs.  Certain signs do not require a Sign Permit, but are subject to the requirements of the Planning and Zoning Code. Signs which do not require a Sign Permit include address signs, instructional signs, real estate for sale/lease signs, sandwich board signs in the C-4 zoning district (downtown), and temporary signs under 6 sq. ft. Chapter 1127, Signage, can be found here.

How do I file a complaint regarding a violation of the Planning and Zoning Code?

Complaints regarding violations of the Planning and Zoning Code can be submitted on OpenGov.

What is the Zoning of my property?

Zoning of a property can be found on the City of Wooster Zoning Map or on the City of Wooster GIS.  

On the City of Wooster GIS, click the "Zoning and Land Use" layer on the Map Layers box. You can then zoom and in an out to find your property. In addition, clicking the Globe icon at the top of the screen and selecting search will allow you to search for a property by address, street or tax parcel.

How do I find out what projects are coming up in the City?

The meeting agendas of the Boards and Commission are posted on each Meeting Agendas and Minutes page approximately one week prior to each meeting date. Boards and Commission meeting agendas and meeting minutes from the past few years are also available.

Department Contacts
Department Contacts

Vincent Marion

Planning and Zoning Manager

(330) 263-5238

Carla Jessie

Administrative Assistant

(330) 263-5200 x304

Mark Wilson

Residential Building and Zoning Inspector

(330) 263-5237

Jeff Mills

Property Maintenance and Zoning Code Inspector

(330) 263-5200 x362