Design & Review Board

Responsibilities & Membership


The Design and Review Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Review of Certificate of Appropriate applications for exterior changes to Landmark (Historic) Properties and properties within Landmark Districts
  • Review of changes to signage for properties in the C-4 (Central Business) zoning district
  • Providing recommendations on Development Plan applications for non-landmark properties in C-4 zoning district 
  • Providing recommendations to City Council for the designation of Landmarks and Landmark Districts
  • Adopt and maintain the City of Wooster Design Guidelines


Current Design and Review Board Members are:

  • Kris Boone
  • James Fox, Vice Chair
  • Daniel Kirk
  • Jill Munro
  • Gretchen Tefs
  • Shannon Waller, Chair

City Representative

  • Vincent Marion - Planning and Zoning Manager


The Board meets the first Thursday of the month at City Hall.  Meetings are typically held at 5:30 PM (Meeting time is subject to change).

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