PostedApr 12
Summary of Wooster's latest housing efforts with information on housing-related programs including grants and transportation.
PostedMar 19
Director of Administration Joel Montgomery presented the 2023 Operations Update to City Council.
PostedMar 15
AEP Ohio has been involved in planning conversations with appropriate local and regional partners to ensure coordinated efforts during the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024.
PostedMar 15
Director Lydia Mihalik joins Representative Scott Wiggam to celebrate as Top 10 Micropolitan in the nation.
PostedMar 5
MCTV will be completing its 100% fiber to the home upgrade in neighborhoods with underground utilities
PostedJan 15
Open this week!
PostedNov 7
Fall Open House Presentation & Public Engagement Boards
PostedOct 18
Trick-or-Treat, Leaf Pick-Up, and More!
PostedAug 23
Montgomery discusses utility aggregation
PostedAug 8
Conversion to an all-way stop
PostedJul 21
Temporary Three-Way Stop
PostedJul 18
Wooster Comprehensive Plan Article
PostedJun 30
Information about the fiber network in Wooster.
PostedJun 27
Roundabout Construction
PostedJun 21
Wooster Weekly Article
PostedMay 11
Resolution 2023-36
PostedApr 20
#7 Micropolitan
PostedApr 18
2022 Operations Summary & First Quarter 2023 Financials
PostedApr 13
City News & Events
PostedMar 23
Wooster Prepares to Welcome its Newest Neighborhoods
PostedFeb 28
Review of 2022