PostedFeb 28
Review of 2022
PostedFeb 2
2023 Policom Micropolitan Rankings
PostedNov 18
First reading to be held at 11-21-22 City Council Meeting
PostedNov 8
What? You can't recycle that?
PostedOct 18
Halloween, Leaf Schedule, Housing
PostedOct 5
Helpful Hints on maneuvering through roundabouts
PostedSep 13
Build Your Future in Wayne County, Ohio
PostedJul 13
North-end Detours -Construction- Information
PostedJun 13
Population Increase
PostedMay 23
Starts June 6th
PostedMay 19
Over 12 miles of bike paths throughout the city
PostedMay 11
Kids Day - Bike to Work Day - SR83 Info
PostedMar 7
Review of 2021
PostedMar 1
Newly Released March 2022: Wooster Rises to #3 in USA
PostedFeb 25
Saving residents money and improving safety
PostedFeb 7
2022 Policom Micropolitan Rankings
PostedOct 29
Voting, Leaf Pick-up, Upcoming Projects
PostedAug 10
Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc. team members are working diligently to service the waste and recycling needs of our Northeast Ohio communities.
PostedAug 5
Areas around College of Wooster, Christmas Run Park & Wooster Community Hospital
PostedAug 3
Cleveland Road, W Highland Avenue & west of Route 3
PostedJul 26
Protecting Yourself & Your Family Against Mosquitos
PostedApr 29
Potholes Be Gone
PostedJan 14
Effective January 15, 2021
PostedNov 20
A network across Ohio is studying samples of wastewater (aka sewage) to look for the presence of gene copies/fragments of the virus that causes the disease
PostedNov 20
Please complete this survey as we move forward with protecting this great resource!
PostedAug 27
Check out how the City of Wooster is utilizing OpenGov Inc to increase efficiency and improve the review process for permits, inspections & more!