Current & Upcoming Construction Projects

Submitted by City of Wooster on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 8:14am

Stay up to date on current & upcoming construction projects happening in Wooster! 

Water Resource and Recovery Facility 4.7 Million Gallon Sludge Tank

This project will construct a 4.7 million gallon sludge tank at the City's Water Resource and Recovery Facility on Old Columbus Road.  Construction is being done by Bogner Construction Company.

Clear Creek Park

This project will construct the City's newest park, which will be on the west side of Venture Blvd south of Seaman Corp.  Construction is being done by Simonson Construction Services, Inc. and is scheduled for completion by the end of the summer.

Daisy Way Extension

This project will extend Daisy Way to connect the north end of Old Airport Road to Geyers Chapel Road.  Construction has started and is being done by Fechko Excavating, LLC.  The project is being funded with a $200,000 Transportation Improvement District grant through ODOT Jobs and Commerce.

WAY-VAR Wooster Streets Resurfacing FY21

This project involves the resurfacing of Old Mansfield Road, W. Bowman Street, and the portion of Grant Street between Henry Street and Larwill Street.  Construction is being done by Melway Paving, Inc. and will be completed by the end of June.  The project is being partly paid for with $428,241 in ODOT Large Cities funds.

2020 Waterline Replacements

This project will replace water mains and services on Washington and McKinley Streets (north of Bowman Street) and W. Henry Street (west of Grant Street).  The project is being partially funded with a $400,000 OPWC grant.  Construction is being done by Palmer & Son Excavating, Ltd.  Work is currently finishing up on McKinley Street and starting on Washington Street.  All work should be completed by September.

Downtown Streetscape Phase 3

This project continues the work in downtown by improving the southwest quadrant of public square.  Construction is being done by Schrock Premier Custom Construction. 

2021 Wooster Streets Resurfacing

This project includes the resurfacing of Oldman Road, Winkler Drive, N. Grant Street (Larwill to Henrietta), W. Henrietta Street, Saybolt Avenue, N. Walnut Street (Larwill to Bowman) and Venture Blvd.  Construction is being done by Kokosing Construction Company and will be completed by the middle of August.

E. Bowman, Gasche, Spink, & Stibbs Street CAP Sidewalk Replacements

Sidewalks will be replaced on E. Bowman Street (Lincoln to Palmer), Gasche and Spink Streets (south of Bowman), and Stibbs Street under the City's Cooperative Assistance Program.  Construction will be done by Sloan Concrete.

WAY-302-1.86 Resurfacing

This ODOT sponsored Urban Paving project will resurface W. Liberty Street and W. Old Lincoln Way from Grant Street west to beyond the City's corporation limit.  Construction will be done by Karvo Companies and the work will be done in mid to late summer.