Current & Upcoming Construction Projects

Submitted by City of Wooster on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 8:14am

WAY-Wooster Loop Phase 1

This project involves the construction of a 10' wide, multi-use path along Burbank Road (Highland to the old Layton School property), across the old Layton School property to Beall Avenue, and along Beall Avenue from Cleveland to Bloomington. A portion of the project is being funded with ODOT TAP funds. The construction contract has been awarded to Lockhart Concrete Company, Inc. Construction has been completed along Burbank Road, and the remainder of the work will be completed in the spring.

Brookside Drive and Oakley Road Improvements

This project involves replacement of waterlines on Oakley Road and Brookside Drive and pavement resurfacing of the asphalt portions of Oakley Road and Brookside Drive. The construction contract has been awarded to Dirt Dawg Excavating, LLC. Construction work is currently being done on Oakley Road (east of Christmas Run) and on Brookside Drive. Construction will extend into the summer. This project is being partially funded with an OPWC grant.

W. Liberty Street Sanitary Sewer Extension

This project involves the extension of sanitary sewer to serve the area in the vicinity of Oak Hill Road and W. Liberty Street, where properties are currently served by septic systems. Construction work is scheduled to take place this winter and will be done by Dirt Dawg Excavating, LLC.

Melrose Tank Waterline Extension

This project involves the extension of a waterline from the Melrose Tank to the Daisy Way and Old Airport Road area. Construction is in progress and is being done by Bogner Construction Company.

WAY-VAR Wooster Streets FY19 Resurfacing

This project involves the pavement resurfacing of N. Bever Street (Bowman to Cleveland), E. Wayne Avenue (Bever to Beall), Beall Avenue (Bloomington to Cleveland), and Cleveland Road (Highland to the Dix Expressway). As part of this project, this portion of Cleveland Road will be restriped from 4 lanes (2 lanes each direction) to 3 lanes (1 lane each direction with a center turn lane). This work is scheduled to take place in the spring and summer.

WAY-302-2.18 (W. Liberty Street Bridge Replacement)

This ODOT-administered project involves the replacement of the bridge on W. Liberty Street, between Vanover Street and North Street. The work is scheduled to begin on April 1, 2019 and be completed by August 1, 2019. Questions pertaining to this project should be directed to ODOT District 3 at 419-207-7182 or