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How do I report a water line break or request emergency water shutoff?

Call (330) 263-5286 for 24/7 assistance.

What if I have flooding or a sewage backup?

Call (330) 263-5294 for 24/7 assistance.

How do I start new service or stop services for water, sewer, storm sewer or trash?

Call (330) 263-5228 or send us a message above.

Questions regarding your WCS billing?

Call (330) 263-5228 or send us a message above.

Water quality questions?

Call (330) 263-5286.

Who should I call for a water or sewer issue?

Contact The City of Wooster Utilities Division at (330) 263-5261. If after hours, call (330) 263-5286.

Who do I call to enclose the ditch in front of my house?

Contact The City of Wooster Engineering Division at (330) 263-5251.

Who do I call to report a sewer odor?

Contact the Water Pollution Control Plant at (330) 263-5294 or send us a message above.

Department Contacts
Department Contacts

Collection & Distribution

Call for sewer problems, leaks, meter leaks, other meter problems

Daytime (7 AM - 3:30 PM)
(330) 263-5261

Evening (after 3:30 PM)
(330) 263-5286

Mike Fritz

Utilities Manager

(330) 263-5284