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How to Apply

If you are interested in working for the WARCOG (Wooster Ashland Regional Council Of Governments) after reviewing the materials regarding the open Dispatcher positions and you possess the required qualifications, please follow the below process to apply for a position:

  1. Complete the "Dispatcher Self-Screening Questionnaire" and review the "Dispatcher Job Facts Sheet" to determine if the position is a good career match for you.
  2. Download and complete the WARCOG employment application.
  3. Remember to save the changes made to the document and rename the completed application.
  4. After saving your changes to the downloaded document send us your completed application and resume. You may do so by any of the following methods:

                  HR Department
                  538 N. Market St.
                  Wooster Ohio 44691

Your application and resume will then be kept on file for ONE YEAR, which requires all applicants to submit an updated copy of their application and resume each year. If your application and resume have been submitted and a new position is posted that may interest you, please call the Human Resources Department at, 330-263-5254, and notify us to place your application information with the new opening you want to apply for. Email all questions to: applicant@warcog.com