City Council

The members of City Council are representatives for the citizens of the city of Wooster. They have been elected to oversee the city budget, establish goals, and set policies.

Every citizen is welcome to join the council meetings that take place on the first and third Monday of each month*.

The meeting begins at 7:30 with citizen input to follow.

The City of Wooster is currently divided into four wards. City Council consists of one Council Member from each of these wards, all Council Members are elected to a four-year term.

*City Council does not meet during the months of July and August, unless a special session is called. Federal Holidays that fall on a Monday meeting date are held the next day on Tuesday.

Ward Maps
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Ward 2166.96 KB
Ward 3329.45 KB
Ward 4244.03 KB
Council Members

Mike Buytendyk


(330) 347-5572

Term Expires: 12/31/23

Mark Cavin

Ward 1

(330) 749-3659

Term Expires: 12/31/23

Jennifer Warden

Ward 2

(330) 749-9177

Term Expires: 12/31/21

David Silvestri

Ward 3

(330) 464-1710

Term Expires: 12/31/23

Scott Myers

Wards 4

(330) 262-0708

Term Expires: 12/31/21

Bill Bostancic


(330) 957-1022

Term Expires: 12/31/21

Jon Ansel


(330) 465-2216

Term Expires: 12/31/21 

Craig Sanders


(330) 264-6342

Term Expires: 12/31/23

Lynne DePaulo


(330) 263-5242

Term Expires: N/A