Board of Building & Zoning Appeals

Responsibilities & Membership


The Board of Building and Zoning Appeals’ responsibilities include:

  • Review of appeals to the Planning and Zoning Code, Building Division matters for one, two and three family dwellings and the adopted Property Maintenance Code
  • Review of Variance applications to the Planning and Zoning Code
  • Review of applications to substitute nonconforming uses


Current Board of Building and Zoning Appeals Members are:

  • Steward Fitz Gibbon, Chair
  • Mark Reynolds, Vice Chair
  • Brad Gowins
  • Ben Gunn
  • Doug MacMillian
  • Gregg McIlvaine
  • Ken Suchan

City Representative

  • Andrew Dutton - Planning and Zoning Manager


The Board meets the first Thursday of the month at City Hall.  Meetings are typically held at 7:30 PM (Meeting time is subject to change).

Planning & Zoning
Meeting Dates & Deadlines