PostedDec 2
Finishing up Round 1
PostedNov 21
Traveling Scenic SR 250
PostedNov 18
First reading to be held at 11-21-22 City Council Meeting
PostedNov 8
What? You can't recycle that?
PostedOct 18
Halloween, Leaf Schedule, Housing
PostedOct 5
Find Your Pickup Schedule & City Leaf Collection Map
PostedOct 5
Helpful Hints on maneuvering through roundabouts
PostedSep 13
Build Your Future in Wayne County, Ohio
PostedJul 13
North-end Detours -Construction- Information
PostedJun 13
Population Increase
PostedMay 23
Starts June 6th
PostedMay 19
Over 12 miles of bike paths throughout the city
PostedMay 11
Kids Day - Bike to Work Day - SR83 Info
PostedApr 19
Annual Report
PostedMar 7
Review of 2021
PostedMar 1
Newly Released March 2022: Wooster Rises to #3 in USA
PostedFeb 25
Saving residents money and improving safety
PostedFeb 7
2022 Policom Micropolitan Rankings
PostedOct 29
Voting, Leaf Pick-up, Upcoming Projects
PostedAug 10
Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc. team members are working diligently to service the waste and recycling needs of our Northeast Ohio communities.
PostedAug 5
Areas around College of Wooster, Christmas Run Park & Wooster Community Hospital
PostedAug 3
Cleveland Road, W Highland Avenue & west of Route 3
PostedJul 26
Protecting Yourself & Your Family Against Mosquitos
PostedApr 29
Potholes Be Gone
PostedJan 14
Effective January 15, 2021
PostedNov 20
A network across Ohio is studying samples of wastewater (aka sewage) to look for the presence of gene copies/fragments of the virus that causes the disease
PostedNov 20
Please complete this survey as we move forward with protecting this great resource!