Omni Fiber Construction in Wooster

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Omni Fiber has started building a 100% fiber network in Wooster.  For the next several months, ADB Companies (the general contractor) and several different subcontractors working for Omni Fiber will be installing fiber both on existing utility poles and underground.  The installation will take place both along public streets and in backyards within existing utility easements that already contain electric, cable, and telephone utilities.  All work within the public right-of-way is being reviewed, permitted, and monitored by the City's Engineering Division.

Additional information is available in the construction letter being sent to residents and the FAQs from the Omni Fiber website (below).  There is a page on the Omni Fiber website for residents to submit questions, comments, or complaints (  Questions may also be directed to City Engineer, John Rice, at 330-263-5234 or