Current Utility Bill Message

The 2020 Census Starts March 12!

Beginning the week of March 12, letters will be sent for the 2020 Census.  Please take a moment to go online and answer the 10 question survey.  The higher the participation rate for Wooster Residents the lesser chance we have of federal funding cuts for social services, roads, safety forces, and congressional representation.  Please help support your community by being counted!    



All City of Wooster residents, age 18 and older, are required to file an annual income tax return even if no taxes are owed.  The tax return for the 2019 year is due April 15, 2020.


Tax return forms and instructions are available at If you have any questions please call 330-263-5226.  

Pay by Phone: 330-439-2126

Pay by Web:

All previous balances are due immediately; current charges are due on or before the 23rd

Pursuant to city ordinance 921.06(e) accounts with an unpaid previous balance may have water service disconnected.