Concussion Training


Wooster Recreation and Community Center Concussion Certification Training Memo:

ANY COACHES, coaching in a sports league sponsored by the Wooster Recreation and Community Center along with any new coaches, will need to complete the online course and submit a copy of their concussion certificate to the Wooster Recreation and Community Center prior to their expiration date or the season beginning.

IT IS MANDATORY (Sub House Bill #143) for all coaches, or anyone who is on the players side to have concussion training. All Coaches who Coach in our league must have completed this course prior to your first match. We will be conducting random spot checks of all coaches and individuals on the sidelines this fall.

Coaches can take the "free" online course any time prior to the first match. Please let me stress that this is mandatory and no coach will be permitted to participate in any of our leagues or use any of our facilities without this training. 


Here is what you need to do to be in compliance:

  1. First, all parents must receive a "Concussion Information Sheet” found below in Resources. You must document when and how you gave them this information and keep it in your coaching files.

  2. Secondly, all Coaches must take the free 30 minute online course. 

  3. Lastly, you must hand in the certificate upon successful completion of this course to our office. All certificates are due to our office by the first match/game, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Throughout the season we will have or supervisor check with the coaches on the sidelines asking them to produce a copy of this certification. Please make sure you keep a copy with you at all times. All sideline coaches must be on the database maintained by the Wooster Recreation and Community Center. To ensure you are on the database, be sure to turn in a copy of your current certification.

Online Class

To take the online class follow these instructions:

  1. Go to NFHS Learning Center or click "Start Online Course" below
  2. Click on "Courses"
  3. Click on "Free Courses"
  4. Click on "Concussion in Sports"
  5. Take online course
  6. When finished print out course certificate and/or save (to later send as an email attachment) to our office.

This certificate is good for 3 years.

Certification Status

An up-to-date database has been maintained by the Recreation Department. Any individuals who are not aware of their expiration date may call 330-263-5200 ext. 353 to check on the status of their concussion certification.

If you would like to use the National Federation of State High School Associations website to check if your certification is current, or to take the certification again, visit the link below and look up a certification or complete the training.