Water Utilities Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the City of Wooster is to partner with our community to deliver services, conserve resources, protect quality of life, and plan for the future.  We will endeavor to accomplish this mission in the most efficient and fiscally responsible manner possible, and in accordance to the City of Wooster’s Core Values.  The Daily Mission of Clean Water is our resolve. 

Our Vision

Stakeholders, customers, and peers recognize our utility as a leader of excellence.  Our focus is to be the epitome of public servanthood, stewardship, environmentally conscious, and dedicated to our community.  The Daily Mission of Clean Water is our vision. 

Our Values

Our values create cultural expectations and define the pursuit of excellence in public servanthood.  The Daily Mission of Clean water is defined by our values.

Accountability – We accept responsibility for our personal and organizational decisions and actions.  We will deliver cost effective and efficient services with the objective of doing our work right the first time.  We are concerned about our natural, historic, economic and aesthetic resources and endeavor to enhance their sustainability for future generations.  In doing so, we will:

  • Accept the expectation of public trust and our mission is outward focused on public quality of life.
  • Communicate with our stakeholders in transparency to build trust.
  • Ensure operational strategies to meet regulatory standards.
  • Provide timely reports to stakeholders regarding department activities.
  • Provide open house/tours related to department operations. 
  • Gauge stakeholder satisfaction through intentional public surveys. 

Continuous Improvement – We provide the highest quality service with the resources available by promoting innovation and flexibility to meet the changing needs in the community.  In doing so, we will:

  • Accept the anticipation of excellence which includes continual growth and improvement.
  • Educate the staff and stakeholders in the daily mission of clean water.
  • Ensure operational strategies are in line with regulatory expectations and future trends.

Leadership & Management – We value the importance of serving as a role model and mentor within the organization and community. We make decisions that show responsible management of all our resources.  In doing so, we will:

  • Accept our role as a community leader.
  • Prioritize public health and public safety.
  • Utilize leading edge technology to create sustainable operations. 
  • Manage all department affairs to ensure integrity and reliability.
  • Update and implement standard operating procedures.
  • Evaluate operations with data management to gauge current and future trends.
  • Recruit, train, and develop staff with the department mission and goals in mind.

Respect & Communication – We are honest and treat our coworkers and the public with courtesy and dignity. We promote professional and friendly communication while providing excellent customer service at all times.  In doing so, we will:

  • Understand that our position expects healthy communication and respect with all stakeholders, customers, elected officials, and coworkers. 
  • Honor our commitments and focus on public satisfaction.
  • Be humble and compassionate.
  • Ensure an attitude exemplary of public stewardship. 
  • Be honest in all communications.
  • Be creative and flexible. 

Honesty & Integrity – We set high standards for our personal, professional, and organizational conduct and act with integrity as we strive to attain our mission.  In doing so, we will:

  • Adhere to high standards.
  • Be transparent and trusted.
  • Operate in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Be honest in all communications. 
  • Operate in a manner that would ensure public confidence publically and privately. 

Stewardship & Trust – We understand our responsibility to use public funds wisely. We will faithfully deliver services and make decisions that will meet the citizen’s needs. We commit to our core values and will openly communicate with the public and solicit feedback in order to achieve our goals.  In doing so, we will:

  • Operate in a manner the supports public trust and confidence.
  • Be responsible in the use of all public resources.
  • Ensure regulatory and customer expectations in an anticipatory manner that honors commitment and stewardship. 
  • Serve as an advocate at local, state, and federal levels on behalf of the general public. 
  • Recognize the value of stewardship and the solemn oath of pubic wellbeing and health.
  • Openly engage stakeholders in the department activities and gauge satisfaction. 
  • Be driven by excellence in producing quality products and services. 

Safety – We use education, prevention, and enforcement methods to protect life and property in our business and residential neighborhoods. Our safety awareness will maintain our infrastructure and facilities to provide a safe environment in which to live and work.  In doing so, we will:

  • Accept the significance of our role and trust to operate on behalf of the most vulnerable in our community.  
  • Accept the mission of the utility department and the focus on public safety and health.
  • Provide education programs for the stakeholders.
  • Provide training and education to ensure the safety of the public, resources, and employees.
  • Measure and eliminate potential risks that could affect the public health and wellbeing. 


In addition to the core values, the slogan of Wooster Water Utilities is as follows:

 “Safety, Reliability, and Excellence!”


We work in a manner that ensures the integrity of the infrastructure.  Safe water is the standard for our citizens and the focus of our daily mission.  Our focus is on public health producing a safe product in all aspects.  Safety is a focus on the people trusted to operate the infrastructure to ensure quality in every drop of water to our citizens.


We work to ensure reliability to the customers we serve.  It is our duty as stewards to ensure the infrastructure investments are well maintained to ensure quality of life.  We are diligent in our operational methods to ensure high quality water every day.  We honor the trust from our citizens by sharing information on the process and product quality.


Excellence, in the mission of clean water is the expected daily standard.  Citizens expect excellence in service provided, federal and state regulators require excellence, and the science of water treatment requires a commitment to excellence.  As a life sustainer, water treatment must be approached with reverence understanding the solemn oath to the citizens as we serve on the frontline of public health.  We expect the best from our infrastructure, engineers, strategic partners, and employees in our pursuit of excellence.