Basketball Players & Parents

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  1. Players must submit an online form (please fill out below), Lindsay's Law and Participation Waiver NO LATER than November 18, 2019.
  2. Team photos will be taken during the first three Saturdays of games. Calais Photography will contact and schedule photo times with the head coach. 

The form below should ONLY be completed for a child who is ALREADY registered in the Wooster Recreation Department 3rd - 6th Grade Basketball League for the 2020 season.

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Online Form
Contact & Team Information
Team Information
State Mandated Training - Lindsay's Law

REQUIRED training to inform and educate students and youth athletes participating in or desiring to participate in an athletic activity, their parents, and their coaches about the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

If yes, turn in the form to your coach as he or she will need a copy of your Lindsay's Law form for their records. Go to
If no, please watch the video, read the information sheet and sign the paper. Turn in a copy of your Lindsay's Law form to your coach for their records.
  • Required Video can be viewed at
  • Required Signature Form can be found at
  • Required Informational Sheet can be found at
Youth Participation Waiver
All individuals who participate in programming offered through the City of Wooster Recreation and Community Center must have a current Child Waiver on file. These waivers are valid for one year.   
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents

"I pledge to follow the Wooster Recreation Youth Sports Guidelines & Code of Conduct:
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the Non-Spectator side of gyms for ANY reason.
  • Parents cannot pick up or drop off their child in the Non-Spectator side of gym.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to go near the SCORETABLE (even after a game).
  • Team designated scorekeepers are NOT allowed in the Non-Spectator area at any gym site.
  • Coaches will be responsible for their team’s behavior in the gym (Holding area at GRC also).
  • Parents cannot sit on the player’s bench unless they have been approved to coach.
  • Only 2 Coaches on bench (only 1 can stand). (Wooster Twp. – one sits on stage/bench)
  • Coaches/ Co-Coaches cannot coach without completing ALL paperwork & sending to Rec Office.
  • Coaches will know the rules of the game & teach them to their players.
  • Any person asked to leave a gym site by an Official or Supervisor must exit the building immediately.
  • Parents & Coaches will cooperate with Supervising Staff & will give their correct name when asked.
I will:
  • Treat all players, coaches, parents, staff & officials with respect at ALL times.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship. (Each team is rated after each game).
  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.
  • Encourage players to shake hands with opponents & officials after the game.
  • Not ridicule any players for making mistakes or performing poorly.
  • Remember that the game is played for fun & recreation.
  • Not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol at any Wooster Recreation Youth Sports practices or games and will remind others not to do so.
  • I WILL NOT SWEAR OR USE FOUL LANGUAGE. (I know I can be ejected if I do).
  • I will respect & uphold  ALL of the Rules, Guidelines & Code of Conduct in this league.
  • I understand that I will be ejected/suspended without warning for any violation of this Code of Conduct.
*There will be an automatic 2 game day suspension if a coach/parent/spectator is thrown out of a facility or exhibits exceptionally inappropriate behavior towards a supervisor, referee, scorekeeper, opposing team’s coaches, players or fans. Further action may be taken by the administrators of the Wooster Recreation Basketball League if deemed necessary.  Suspensions are NOT NEGOTIABLE!"

Code of Conduct for Players

"We pledge to follow the Wooster Recreation Youth Sports Players Code of Conduct:
  • I will remember that games are played for fun!
  • I will cooperate with all Supervising Staff.
  • I will sit against curtain & adhere to the rules in the Holding Area of GRC.
  • I will display good sportsmanship ahead of my own personal desire to win.
  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the score by acting in a positive manner towards all players, officials, parents and coaches.
  • I will show respect to all game officials, coaches, players, parents and supervisors and never act in a manner that would be disrespectful towards them. (I realize that I can be benched for swearing or being disrespectful).
  • I will not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol at any Wooster Recreation Youth Sports practice or game and will remind others on my team not to do so.
  • I will shake hands with the other team at the conclusion of all games. I will shake hands with the officials at the conclusion of all games.
I understand that I will be suspended from the league for violation of this Player’s Code of Conduct."