Leaf Collection

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Leaf Collection Update 12/22/23

PPM crews are finishing up the second and final round of leaf pick up today. They will then start a courtesy drive around which will be completed by end of day Wednesday (12/27).

Leaf Collection Update 11/30/23

The City's Public Properties Maintenance (PPM) Division Leaf Collection Operation (LCO) is operating six working days behind the original schedule. Our three PPM crews are currently working in section 9 - of the first round - with plans to start the second round of leaf collection tomorrow (12/1/23). With nearly 5000 cubic yards of leaves already collected of the annual 7500 cubic yard average, the PPM crews are two-thirds complete. The crews will move through sections 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 very quickly.

The PPM staff continues to work extremely hard in the harshest of weather conditions: pouring rain, blowing snow and frigid temperatures. Each member of our staff is dedicated to completing the LCO for our citizens with the goal, as always, to be complete before Christmas. Barring any major storms or emergencies, they will again achieve that goal this year and be commended for a job well done!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Revised Leaf Collection Schedule 11/30/23
Leaf Collection Update 11/16/23

The city leaf collection crews have been working extremely hard vacuuming 275 dump truck loads of leaves. The crews are averaging 20 loads per day. Tomorrow is day 15 of the 32 days that it normally takes to collect all of the leaves. The operation is currently 2 working days behind the posted schedule. Please continue to use the pick up schedule until further notice.  

Leaf Collection Information - 10/6/23

The City of Wooster will be starting the first round of leaf pick up for 2023 on Monday, October 30th. 

Please refrain from placing sticks and branches in the leaf piles. In the event of an emergency or inclimate weather the Leaf Collection Operations may need to be suspended and even canceled.

Leaf Crew

PPM collects on average five million pounds of leaves annually, which equals 825 truckloads hauled to a local compost facility, which is enough leaves to cover a football field over six feet high. We collect leaves 600 curb miles on average every fall.

NOTE: Any yard waste placed at the curb before and after City of Wooster leaf collection is going to be placed in the landfill. The only time that the yard waste will be recycled, is during the specific leaf collection dates in the fall and the biodegradable bags ARE required for that.

Message from the Mayor
Message from the Mayor

Dear Residents of Wooster:

The City of Wooster's Public Properties Maintenance (PPM) Division will begin our fall leaf pickup on Monday, October 30th. This operation can be more effective and efficient if the following guidelines are followed:

1.) All leaves should be at the curb the day before your street is scheduled for pickup. We will only pickup leaves on your street once on your scheduled day. We will not return to your street if you rake your leaves after we go by your property on the scheduled day. Please advise your landscaper of the days and dates of your scheduled pickup so they will have your leaves ready for pickup in advance of the pickup days.

2.) Please rake leaves to the tree lawn or at the road edge in 3 to 4 ft. wide windrows. Do not place leaves in the street or behind sidewalk, trees, signs, etc. Raked leaves are not to be placed in the street. In addition to being a traffic hazard, leaf piles in the street can cause storm sewer problems including water backing-up into basements. 

3.) Please remove all vehicles from the street by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled day. We will not rake leaves around the cars and we will not return to your street if your leaves were blocked.

4.) Please do not put sticks, branches, stones, trash, garden debris, etc. in the leaf pile. These tend to clog our machines and can cause extensive and costly damage. Piles containing debris will not be collected.

5.) Review the leaf pickup schedule listed by street below. If your street is not listed, please consult the map for your street location/section and the corresponding schedule dates contained in the legend.

The City crews will do their best to keep to the scheduled day, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as severe inclement weather or equipment breakdowns, we may at times fall behind schedule. If you have questions regarding leaf pickup details, please review the information provided here on our website or call 330-263-5275 (Monday-Friday 7:30AM-3:30PM.)

Your cooperation will be appreciated.


Bob Breneman