Building Standards




Building a customer-centric approach to service delivery


In other words:

Make it easier to buy a permit and get inspections


Why ViewPoint Cloud?

We selected ViewPoint Cloud software because of the ease of use from the customer side. Applicants can get information easily and track a permit or project using the visual timeline to see the steps – 24/7. Communication with the right City employee or inspector is done easily online.

If there are customers who are not “tech-savvy”, we will assist them in using a kiosk in our office to obtain the permit online.

For inspectors, no more writing notes on a clipboard to leave on the jobsite and hoping the contractor gets them, and then coming back to the office to input the data. Inspectors have tablets to access all information associated with a project and perform any of the steps in the timeline from anywhere. These steps include: plan review, approving applications, taking payments, issuing permits, scheduling inspections, providing inspection results, answering questions and any other duties. This also means the applicant will have instant access to the information associated with his permit.



In 2014, the City initiated a new program of regular periodic inspections of properties located in the R-T Zoning District (Traditional Residential). This district surrounds the downtown business district and contains approximately 1,762 parcels. The majority of the homes located in this district date back to before 1935 and require a lot of maintenance. The Building Standards Division inspected...