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Certification & Code of Conduct
If you're not sure of the date your certification expires, go to
If no, to complete the state mandated course, please go to and send a copy of your certificate to Sue at
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Code of Conduct for Basketball Coaches

"I pledge to follow the Wooster Recreation Youth Sports Guidelines & Code of Conduct:
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the Non-Spectator side of gyms for ANY reason.
  • Parents cannot pick up or drop off their child in the Non-Spectator side of gym.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to go near the SCORETABLE (even after a game).
  • Team designated scorekeepers are NOT allowed in the Non-Spectator area at any gym site.
  • Coaches will be responsible for their team’s behavior in the gym (Holding area at GRC also).
  • Parents cannot sit on the player’s bench unless they have been approved to coach.
  • Only 2 Coaches on bench (only 1 can stand). (Wooster Twp. – one sits on stage/bench)
  • Coaches/ Co-Coaches cannot coach without completing ALL paperwork & sending to Rec Office.
  • Coaches will know the rules of the game & teach them to their players.
  • Any person asked to leave a gym site by an Official or Supervisor must exit the building immediately.
  • Parents & Coaches will cooperate with Supervising Staff & will give their correct name when asked.
I will:
  • Treat all players, coaches, parents, staff & officials with respect at ALL times.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship. (Each team is rated after each game).
  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.
  • Encourage players to shake hands with opponents & officials after the game.
  • Not ridicule any players for making mistakes or performing poorly.
  • Remember that the game is played for fun & recreation.
  • Not use drugs, tobacco or alcohol at any Wooster Recreation Youth Sports practices or games and will remind others not to do so.
  • I WILL NOT SWEAR OR USE FOUL LANGUAGE. (I know I can be ejected if I do).
  • I will respect & uphold ALL of the Rules, Guidelines & Code of Conduct in this league.
I understand that I will be ejected/suspended without warning for any violation of this Code of Conduct.

*There will be an automatic 2 game day suspension if a coach/parent/spectator is thrown out of a facility or exhibits exceptionally inappropriate behavior towards a supervisor, referee, scorekeeper, opposing team’s coaches, players or fans. Further action may be taken by the administrators of the Wooster Recreation Basketball League if deemed necessary. Suspensions are NOT NEGOTIABLE!"