Street Maintenance

PPM is charged with the maintenance and repair of all the City’s 133 centerline miles of streets, highways, and alleys. PPM replaces deteriorated concrete streets, curbs and upheaved sidewalks caused by street trees. City crews asphalt resurface streets and alleys throughout the summer. As a preventative maintenance measure, we crack seal both asphalt and concrete pavements. Also as part of our preventative maintenance program, we chip seal some of our unimproved roadways throughout the City. Pothole filling is an ongoing operation we perform throughout the year.

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What causes potholes?

Generally, they are caused by water getting into cracks in the pavement and then freezing causing the pavement to fracture. As temperatures begin to warm and the vehicle wheels drive over these areas, fragments from the pavement begin to break apart.

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Why do we see some potholes develop in the same spot year after year?

Cracks not sealed properly or a temporary repair was performed and has failed. It could also be a sub-grade failure that cannot support the weight of the vehicles traveling on the roadway.

What potholes take precedent?

Potholes on our highways and primary corridors are patched first. But if large potholes are causing significant problems in any of our roadways then they get addressed as soon as possible.

What material is used to fill potholes?

We use a premium cold mix bitumen product that is workable - that our crews can shovel - and performs well in cold temperatures.

How does this differ between seasons?

If the weather is above 40 degrees F and it's not raining, we like to use our spray patch machine that applies an asphalt emulsion with a No. 9 size limestone aggregate to fill the pothole creating a more perminate repair. Also, when local asphalt plants open in the spring, we start filling potholes with hot mix asphalt products that perform much better for longer period of time until an asphalt overlay or resurfacing project can be performed.

Where have the efforts been placed so far this season?

Our pothole filling operation is continual throughout the year, but because of the vast amount of potholes that develop after winter, our focus is filling holes on highways and primary corridors, then we move into residential sections.

How much of the budget goes toward filling potholes?

With a severe winter frost, we anticipate spending nearly $250,000 in labor and materials.

Report Information
Report Information

To report a pothole, please call (330) 263-5275.