Wooster Firefighters Local 764 Add 2 Additional Recycling Bins for Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Charities



Wooster Firefighters Local 764 and Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) would like to announce the opening of 3 community aluminum can recycling sites. Due to the success of our first site we had to add 2 more. There is an aluminum can recycling container located at the southwest corner of the Wooster City Hall parking lot, station #3 parking lot and Buehlers Milltown in rear parking lot. These containers are easily accessible. Please bag cans and gently place into container.  All proceeds will benefit the North East Ohio ACBC.


The ACBC program serves pediatric victims of fire, ages 5 to 16 years of age. The program provides a summer and winter camp for 25 to 30 children annually. The camps are held in February and August each year and last 3 days each. They are each held at Camp Cheerful in Strongsville. We traditionally cook breakfast for the children and counselors. We also help in many different activities from horseback riding to skiing and anything in between.  These camps provide them with an atmosphere of support and care. Throughout the years of Wooster’s attendance we have seen these children grow. They grow both in size but most importantly in confidence.


These containers were made available by the generous donations of RPI Containers, Chupp’s Powder Coating, Groovy Cycle Works and Wooster Firefighters Local 764.


Thanks for all of the citizens of Wooster and surrounding areas for their generous contributions.


For more information on ACBC please contact Don Keller at 330-416-3803