Submitted by ashley.brillhart on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 6:31pm

Please place your Waste Management bins out this week (June 24-28) and leave them out after your trash and recycling has been picked up. This is the last week Waste Management will be collecting trash and recycling in the City of Wooster and they will be removing their Waste Management carts throughout the week & weekend. Please be aware that they will not remove trash or recycling that has been left out in Kimble carts.

Beginning Wednesday, July 1st, Kimble Companies will begin contracted waste collection services in the City of Wooster.

Kimble will be collecting trash and recycling on a five-day schedule, so your pickup day may be changing. Kimble mailed out notices to all residents who would experience a date change.

If you have questions regarding what your pickup schedule will be beginning July 1st, please visit www.woosteroh.com/kimble-companies and you will find a color-coded neighborhood map, list organized by the pickup day of the week and searchable list organized alphabetically by street name.

Because service is beginning on a Wednesday, please take note of the first date after your last Waste Management collection that you can expect Kimble to begin waste collection for your residence:
- Wednesday will begin July 1st
- Thursday will begin July 2nd
- Friday will begin July 3rd
- Monday will begin July 6th
- Tuesday will begin July 7th

Thank you, Wooster!