Current Paving Projects


Work will begin the week of April 10th for a paving project involving a number of City streets.  For the first two weeks, the work will involve preparations ahead of paving and should cause minimal disruptions.  This work will be done on all streets that are part of the project (both Group 1 and Group 2 projects).

Work will begin next week with pavement milling and repairs on portions of a number of City streets. 

  • Work on casting and valve box adjustments, as well as pavement markings, will continue on Buckeye Street and W. Henry Street on Friday. Portions of these streets may be closed throughout the day.
  • Paving is scheduled for W. Milltown Road (west of Lowe's to SR 83) on Friday.

Portions of these roads will be closed to through traffic while work is being done.  Delays should be anticipated when traveling in these areas. 

The schedule is subject to change based on weather.  Expect delays when work is taking place on these streets. 

Paving work for the Group 2 locations is scheduled to begin in early June. 
Group 2 locations include:

  • Burbank Road (Oldman to the Dix)
  • Friendsville Road (Burbank to Milltown)
  • W. Milltown Road (west end of Lowe's to Burbank).


Updates will be sent as the work progresses!