CHIP Grants to Cover Safety Repairs

Submitted by City of Wooster on Wed, 11/08/2017 - 9:27am

Helping Homeowners, Landlords, and First-Time Homebuyers throughout Wayne County Repair their Homes and Neighborhoods. Your local CHIP Partnership (Wooster, Orrville, Wayne & WMHA) has secured a highly competitive federal and state grant of $962,500 to help households in need repair homes throughout Wooster and Wayne County to ensure affordable housing opportunities. Households of four making less than $47,050, or $32,950 for an individual, are eligible to apply, in addition to first-time home-buyers. Landlords renting to low-to-moderate income tenants are also welcome.


CHIP Creates Four Programs To Revitalize Homes Throughout Wayne County:

  • Grants for low-income households for emergency safety and health repairs (including roof, heating, and septic).
  • Interest-free, partially-forgivable home mortgages for low-to-moderate income households to rehabilitate their homes. (85% of the loan is forgiven after 5 years).
  • Interest-free, partially-forgivable home mortgages for first-time low-to-moderate income home-buyers purchasing homes in need of repair. (85% of the loan is forgiven after 10 years).
  • Forgivable 10-year loan for landlords providing a minimum 25% match in rehabilitating apartments and committing to rent to low-to-moderate income residents for at least ten years.

Low-to-moderate-income for a family of four is $47,050 in Wayne County, or $32,950 for an individual.

Securing the very competitive CHIP grant is a major win for the community, and comes after months of effort by several local governments working together to refine its successful application, including the City of Wooster, the Wayne County Commissioners (and Planning Department), the City of Orrville, the City of Rittman, the Wayne Metropolitan Housing Authority. The Partnership extends its thanks to the many communities, agencies, NGO’s, and volunteers whose efforts helped to secure the grant. Special thanks is given to Community Action Wayne/Medina, which has generously volunteered in sharing its resources to support certain CHIP projects, to individual landlords that contributed to the application, and to the Wayne County Housing Coalition for its time and counsel.

Contact Information

Tanya Sargeant - CHIP Administrator, WMHA
Phone: 330.264.2727

This program is made possible by the City of Wooster, Wayne County, the City of Orrville, the City of Rittman, the Wayne Metropolitan Housing Authority, Ohio Development Services Agency, the Ohio Housing Trust Fund, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.