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Filing a Claim

Personal Injury, Property Damage, Vehicle Damage

  • Call (330) 263-5242 to report the incident
  • Obtain a Claim Form or ask for one to be sent when you report the incident.
  • If a section of the claim form does not pertain to your incident, simply write N/A on the line.
  • Gather all the documents needed to support your claim, specifically any estimates, receipts, invoices, and/or medical information.
  • The signed claim form and documentation should be sent to:

               City of Wooster
               538 N. Market St.
               Wooster, OH 44691

  • You should also report the claim to your insurance company. Under Ohio Revised Code 2744.05, if you are entitled to receive benefits from an insurance policy, those amounts will be deducted from any award the City of Wooster may consider paying.
  • Claims may take four to six weeks to process.