2022 Fall Youth Soccer League Team Registration

League Dates: September 17 - October 22
Registration Deadline: August 17

Team Registration Fee: 
1st and 2nd Grade  $325.00
3rd and 4th Grade  $375.00
5th and 6th Grade  $375.00
Regional League 7th and 8th Grade  $425.00
League Information: 
  • All games will be played on Saturdays between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Wooster Soccer Complex 
  • If a club/organization has 2 teams in the same age group at least one team MUST be entered into the "A" division.  
  • ALL Club and Travel Level players MUST play in the "A" division. (exceptions to this rule may be made based on the skill level of a player, all requests for exceptions must be made through the program coordinator). Regional League Teams do not have to abide by this rule. 
Please mail or drop off payment for all registered teams to: 
Wooster Recreation and Community Center 
241 S. Bever Street
Wooster, OH 44691

Checks should be made payable to: City Of Wooster 

All questions should be directed to the Recreation Coordinator responsible for the Youth Soccer Program.  


Total Team Registrations
Re-order Team Gender Head Coach Assistant Coach Weight Operations
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Please include all teams that your organization/association is entering in the league on this form. To add additional teams click on the green ADD button to the right or select how many items (additional teams) to ADD below.

**If you register more than your alloted number of teams, we will only take the teams listed first. Example: If your association is alloted 8 youth teams and you register 10 youth teams, we will only take the first 8 teams. If you would like to request extra teams, please complete this form- EXTRA TEAM REQUEST

Please complete schedule requests here- Fall 2022 Schedule Requests
Refund Policy
The Wooster Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel any class/program which does not meet the minimum required participation. Full refunds will be given in such an instance. NO refunds once class has begun. The only exception is an injury which prohibits participation in the class or program. A doctor’s excuse is necessary for this type of cancellation, and the refund is subject to pro-ration. A $7.00 service charge will be assessed on ALL refunds. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ONCE THE SCHEDULE HAS BEEN MADE.
State Mandated Training - Lindsay's Law

REQUIRED training to inform and educate students and youth athletes participating in or desiring to participate in an athletic activity, their parents, and their coaches about the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

I acknowledge it is the responsibility of the club/organization to collect and maintain records of Lindsay's Law forms for all individuals participating on this team. I also acknowledge that it is the responsibility of the club/organization to be able to provide a copy of this form in the event one is requested.  

Lindsay's Law Link

Youth Participation Waiver
All individuals who participate in programming offered through the City of Wooster Recreation and Community Center must have a current Youth Waiver on file. These waivers are valid for one year.   

Youth Waiver


Each participating school district is responsible for the conduct of its coaches, players, parents/guardians and fans.  If we experience any issues with a member of your school district or association’s team, your team may be held responsible, and we reserve the right to reevaluate its participation in any of our leagues or programs.  It is your responsibility to evaluate the fitness of your coaches for your school district or association’s program.  The Wooster Recreation Department does not assume any responsibility or liability for the fitness of coaches other than those from our program.