Downtown Streetscape Project - Phase 1

The City of Wooster is excited to present the current features for the upcoming Downtown Streetscape project, approved by City Council.

With feedback from city administrators, downtown business owners, citizens and Main Street Wooster, the engineering firm, OHM, has developed plans to enhance the square and create a more pedestrian and green area and this project is NOW underway!

The Center Green is comprised of the northeast quadrant of the square.


Wooster Center Green

  • The gazebo has been replaced by a steel event structure featuring a Seaman Fibertight Roofing System with the Wooster logo.  

  • Moveable tables and chairs will be throughout the pavilion and surrounding area.  

  • Other features include planting beds with concrete benches, trellis, and lighting.
  • A steel archway with the Wooster logo has been installed, that welcome visitors to the 12 spot parking lot that will separate the pavilion area from the northern greenspace area.

Pedestrian Alley

Also known as North Alley, this alley is intended to strengthen pedestrian movement by eliminating vehicular traffic. Moveable tables and chairs will be available in the bricked alley surrounded by planter boxes and benches. Removable bollards will be placed at the entryway to allow vehicular access, if needed.

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Will we lose parking spaces?
  •  No spaces will be lost. We had 12. We will still have 12. The layout is just different. 
  •  In addition, there will be significantly more green space and seating. 
How will this be paid for?
  • This project was budgeted and is being paid for out of the Capital Improvements Fund. 
  • The project costs and funding were discussed in multiple public meetings, at public City Council budget meetings, and at public City Council meetings authorizing the construction contract. 
  • The planning and budgeting for the downtown sidewalk, parking and streetscape improvements have been part of the City's Infrastructure Strategic Plan and Budget document for many years. 
Why was the gazebo removed?
  • Non-compliance with ADAAG regulations, requiring significant re-construction.
  • Usability for events. Even if the gazebo were to be made accessible, it would still not function adequately for events. It is too small and not conducive for large gatherings, etc.
Why not use this money to improve the streets?
  • The City has commenced more than 12 large road and utility projects in 2018 to date, totaling over $4.2 Million dollars. 
  • This does not include the downtown quad parking and streetscape improvements. 
  • More than $3.6 Million in roadway projects are currently being performed, including paving portions of Bever, Oak Hill, Smithville-Western, Brookside, Oakley, Country Club, Skylark, Catalina, Monterey, Highland Park, E. Highland, Marilyn, Normandy, Mindy, Melanie, Graustark Path, Impala, Brooke Way, Pepperwood, Star Drive, Ryan Court, Wayne Ave, Cleveland Road and Burbank Road (SR83), as well as intersection and signal improvements on Madison Ave and Liberty Street. 
  • The City spends $2.5M to $3M every year paving miles of streets, as well as several hundred thousand dollars on pavement repairs and patching
Did you seek input from the public & downtown businesses on this?
  • Yes. We began the development of our Downtown Strategic Plan in 2015. Public meetings were held, online information was provided, surveys were conducted, and focus groups were formed.
  • The overwhelming public and downtown business input was for added park-like settings downtown, including green space and space for public events/entertainment.
What happened to the individualized bricks that were purchased and installed in the quadrant?
  • New bricks are being made to replace the ones that were removed.
  • They will be reinstalled either in the quad or next to the courthouse across the road.