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Current Bid Opportunities

All Projects: Bid documents and specifications will be available to view on this website, and plan holder registration will be handled through our OpenGov website. Bid documents and plans for construction projects are available at no cost, and will be emailed from the Engineering Division located in City Hall at 538 N. Market Street, Wooster, Ohio 44691

Legal notices for projects are published in the Wooster Daily Record newspaper. Please call the Engineering Division at 330-263-5251 if you have any questions.

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Bid Tabulations
E. Bowman Street Mile 1.64 Culvert Replacement (Bid Date: 5/3/2024)
Bituminous Asphalt (Bid date: 4/29/2024)
North and South Buckeye Street Parking Lot Resurfacing (Bid date: 4/16/2024)
2024 City Property Mowing (Bid Date: 03/21/2024)
2024 Wooster Streets Resurfacing (Bid Date: 3/5/2024)
SR585 and SR3/83 NB Ramp Traffic Signal Replacement (Bid Date: 2/13/2024)
City Hall Window Replacement Phase 1 (Bid Date: 2/13/2024)
Oak Hill Road and Milltown Road Improvements (Bid Date: 2/9/2024)
Palmer Street Waterline Replacement (Bid Date: 2/9/2024)
Biosolids Upgrade (Bid Date: 1/24/2024)
City Hall Chiller Replacement (Bid Date: 1/19/2024)
Well S#3 Improvements (Bid Date: 12/28/2023)
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (Bid date: 12/28/2023)
WRRF Headworks Improvements Contract A & Vertical Loop Reactor 1 & 2 (Bid date: 12/15/2023)
WAY-VAR Wooster Streets FY24 (Bid date: 12/14/2023)
Long Road Booster Station (Bid date: 12/13/2023)
Pebble Lime (Bid date: 12/12/2023)
Polyphosphate (Bid date: 12/12/2023)
Polymer Bid Tab (Bid date: 12/12/2023)
Sodium Hypochlorite (Bid date: 12/12/2023)
Christmas Run Pickleball Courts (Bid date: 12/5/2023)
Biosolids Land Application (Bid date: 12/5/2023)
Lime Sludge Removal & Disposal (Bid date: 12/5/2023)
654 Winkler Drive Storm Sewer Replacement (Bid date: 11/29/2023)
Downtown Streetscape Phase 4 (Bid Date: 11/15/2023)
Quinby Avenue Traffic Signal Replacements (Bid Date: 11/7/2023)
Oak Hill Road Curb Ramp Replacement (Bid Date: 10/11/2023)
Christmas Run Blvd Sanitary Sewer Replacement Re-Bid (Bid Date: 8/30/2023)
*No Contract Awarded: To Be Re-Bid* Christmas Run Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Bid Date: 07/27/2023)
Palmer Street Bridge Waterline Replacement- NO BIDS (Bid date: 06/29/2023)
Fire Station #1 Renovation (Bid date: 06/06/2023)
W. Henry Street Waterline Replacement (Bid Date: 05/17/2023)
Oak Hill Road & Oldman Road Roundabout (Bid Date: 04/05/2023)
2023 City Property Mowing (Bid Date: 03/21/2023)
Purchase of Bituminous Asphalt Mix & Oils (Bid Date: 03/21/2023)
North End Sanitary Sewer (Bid Date: 03/16/2023)
Water Treatment Plant Filter Media Replacement (Bid date: 03/02/2023)
2023 Wooster Streets Resurfacing (Bid Date: 02/23/2023)
Melrose Lift Station Improvements (Bid Date: 02/23/2023)
2023 Wooster Concrete Pavement Replacement (Bid date: 02/07/2023)
Furnishing Biosolids Press Polymer (Bid Date: 12/28/2022)
Furnishing Pebble Lime (Bid Date: 12/28/2022)
Furnishing Soda Ash (Bid Date: 12/28/2022)
Furnishing Sodium Hypochlorite (Bid Date: 12/28/2022)
WAY-VAR Wooster Streets FY23 (Bid Date: 12/15/2022)
Vertical Loop Reactor (VLR) Improvements (Bid Date: 11/18/2022)
Sherwood Hills Allotment WL & Storm Sewer Replacement (Bid Date: 11/02/2022)
2022 Sanitary Sewer Lining (Bid Date: 10/06/2022)
Wooster City Hall Parking Lot Expansion (Bid Date: 08/29/2022)
Oak Hill & Oldman Roads Sanitary Sewer (Bid Date: 06/15/2022)
Giffen Road Waterline Replacement (Bid Date: 05/11/2022)
Purchase of Bituminous Asphalt Mix & Oils (Bid Date: 04/06/2022)
2022 City Property Mowing (Bid Date: 04/06/2022)
Melrose Drive Reconstruction (Bid Date: 03/10/2022)
Kieffer Street Waterline Replacement (Bid Date: 02/02/2022)
2022 Wooster Streets Resurfacing (Bid Date: 01/25/2022)
PPM Facility Interior Renovation (Bid Date: 12/22/2021)
WAY-VAR Wooster Streets FY22 Resurfacing Project (Bid Date: 12/16/2021)
N. Bauer Rd & South Street Waterline Relocations (Bid Date: 12/02/2021)
W. Milltown Road Right Turn Lanes (Bid Date: 11/18/2021)
Industrial Park (IP) Tank Painting (Bid Date: 11/18/2021)
Traffic Signal Replacements (Bid Date: 11/17/2021)
Christmas Run Blvd-Brookside Drive Sanitary Sewer Relocation (Bid Date: 11/3/2021)
2021-2022 Wooster Concrete Pavement Replacement (Bid Date: 10/29/2021)
Stibbs Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Bid Date: 10/13/2021)
N. Walnut Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Bid Date: 10/13/2021)
2021 Sanitary Sewer Lining (Bid Date: 07/16/2021)
Cleveland Rd. Storm Sewer (Bid Date: 07/13/2021)
Five L Farm Utility Extension (Bid Date: 05/26/2021)
Beall Avenue Crosswalk Replacements (Bid date: 05/19/2021)
W. Milltown Road Right Turn Lanes Project (Bid Date: 04/23/2021)
No Bids70.49 KB
Purchase of Bituminous Asphalt Mix & Oils (Bid Date: 04/06/2021)
2021 City-Wide Mowing Contract
Fire Station #1 Renovations Request for Qualifications (RFQ Date: 03/10/2021)
2021 Wooster Streets Resurfacing (Bid Date: 02/04/2021)
Downtown Streetscape Project Phase 3 (Bid Date: 02/03/2021)
2020 Waterline Replacements (Bid Date: 02/03/2021)
Buchholz Dr. & Greensview Dr. Concrete Pavement Repairs (Bid Date: 01/21/2021)
WAY-VAR Wooster Streets FY21 Paving (Bid Date: 12/17/2020)
WRRF Biosolids Removal & Disposal/Lagoon Cleaning (Bid Date: 12/09/2020)
Biosolids Press Polymer (Bid Date: 12/08/2020)
Lime Sludge Removal & Disposal (Bid Date: 11/24/2020)
Furnishing Pebble Lime (Bid Date: 11/24/2020)
Furnishing Soda Ash (Bid Date: 11/24/2020)
Supply of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (11/24/2020)
Supply of Sodium Hypochlorite (11/24/2020)
South Street Parking Lot Bid Tab (Bid Date: 09/17/2020)
Curb Ramps for FY21 Paving Bid Tab (Bid Date: 09/09/2020)
Freedlander Chalet Roof (Bid Date: 08/25/2020)
Daisy Way Extension (Bid Date: 08/19/2020)
Lincoln Street Waterline (Bid Date: 08/12/2020)
Holmes Blvd/Caldwell Dr Waterline (Bid Date: 08/04/2020)
WAY-83-14.06 Culvert Lining (Bid Date: 07/30/2020)
Freedlander Park 15kV Electric Service Renovations
Clear Creek Park (Bid Date: 06/24/2020)
WRRF 4.7 Million Gallon Sludge Storage Tank (Bid Date: 04/22/2020)
Sunset Lane Reconstruction (Bid Date: 04/16/2020)
W. Highland Ave. Reconstruction (Bid Date: 04/16/2020)
D03-SRTS-Wooster INF Melrose Elementary Sidewalks (Bid Date: 04/14/2020)
Purchase of Bituminous Asphalt Mix & Oils (Bid Date: 03/31/2020)
Purchase of Liquid CO2 (Proposal Date: 03/10/2020)
Purchase of Soda Ash (Bid Date: 03/10/2020)
Mowing Service for Water Utilities Properties (Proposal Date: 02/28/2020)
City-Wide Mowing Service RFP Results (Proposal Date: 02/28/2020)
2020 Microsurfacing Program (Bid Date: 02/27/2020)
WTP Solids Contact Clarifier Painting (Bid Date: 02/20/2020)
Prospect Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Bid Date: 02/11/2020)
2020 Wooster Street Resurfacing Project (Bid Date: 01/30/2020)
Wooster Refuse, Recyclables, and Yard Waste Collection (Bid Date: 01/15/2020)
Downtown Streetscape Phase 2 Project (Bid date: 12/18/2019)
WAY-VAR Wooster Streets FY20 Resurfacing Project (12/17/2019)
WRRF Biosolids Removal & Disposal/Lagoon Cleaning (12/16/2019)
Lime Sludge Removal & Disposal/Lagoon Cleaning (12/16/2019)
Purchase of Pebble Lime (12/16/2019)
WAY-Wooster Loop Phase 2 PID 104120 (11/20/2019)
Country Club Estates & Oak Heights Allotment Concrete Pavement Repairs Phase 2 (11/15/2019)
Fuel Contract - Awarded to Red Rover LLC (11/15/2019)
Snow Removal Contract Request for Proposals (11/13/2019)
Proposal Tab95.44 KB
WRRF 4.7 Million Gallon Sludge Storage Tank (11/05/2019)
Ohio Street Storm Sewer Replacement (9/10/2019)
RFP - 230 N. Market Street - Awarded to Weaver Custom Homes & Rea & Assoc.
Lime Sludge Hauling & Disposal/Lagoon Cleaning (06/10/2019)
Biosolids Hauling & Disposal/Lagoon Cleaning (06/10/2019)
Sycamore Lane Waterline Replacement (5/24/2019)
2019 Sanitary Sewer Lining (4/25/2019)
Purchase of Pebble Lime (3/27/2019)
Purchase of Bituminous Asphalt Mix and Oils (3/27/2019)
City-Wide Mowing (3/27/2019)
Palmer Street Mile 0.99 Culvert Replacement (3/21/2019)
Woodcrest Dr. Waterline Replacement & Concrete Paving Repairs (3/8/2019)
Water Treatment Plant Clearwell (3/1/2019)
Lemar Drive Storm Sewer Replacement (2/20/2019)
OARDC Water Tank Painting (2/11/2019)
2019 Wooster Streets Resurfacing Project (2/8/2019)
WAY-VAR Wooster Streets Resurfacing FY19 (12/13/2018)