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The Wooster Growth Corporation is the City of Wooster's community improvement corporation, operating under Ohio Revised Code 1724. The Corporation exists for the sole purpose of advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of Wooster, Ohio (the City). In addition to owning and managing real estate on behalf of the City of Wooster, the organization also reviews certain tax incentives.

Meetings are scheduled as needed, with the Board of Trustees typically convening between three and six times per year. If scheduled, meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 4:00pm at City Hall (538 N. Market St., Wooster, OH) in Council Chambers (1st Flr.) The official meeting schedule is posted on the City Public Events & Meetings Calendar

Meeting Calendar

Current Members


  • Margo Broehl, President - At-Large Representative (1/1/22 to 12/31/24)
  • Vacant, Vice President
  • Andrei Dordea, Treasurer - City of Wooster Director of Finance
  • John Scavelli, Legal Counsel - Ex officio, City of Wooster Director of Law



  • Jon Ansel- At-Large Representative (5/1/22 to 12/31/24), also Wooster City Council (9/6/22-12/31/23)
  • Scott Boyes - At-Large Representative (1/1/20 to 12/31/22)
  • Bob Breneman - City of Wooster Mayor
  • Maribeth Burns - Wayne Economic Development Council President
  • Mike Buytendyk - City of Wooster Council President
  • Vince Marion - City of Wooster Planning and Zoning Manager
  • Bob Gralinski - At-Large Representative (1/1/22 to 12/31/24)
  • Gabe Tudor/ Sue Herman/ Amy Welty/Cody Austin  - Wooster City School District Representative
  • Joel Montgomery - City of Wooster Director of Administration
  • Bob Reynolds - At-Large Representative (1/1/22 to 12/31/24), also Wooster City Council (1/1/22-12/31/25)
  • Craig Sanders - City of Wooster Council Finance Chair
  • Samira Zimmerly - Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce President



  • Lynne DePaulo, Ex officio - Recording Secretary
  • Jonathan Millea, Ex officio - Project Manager

Jonathan Millea, CEcD, AICP

Project Manager

Wooster Growth Corporation

538 N. Market St.

Wooster, Ohio 44691

(330) 263-5250

Andrei Dordea, CPA


Wooster Growth Corporation

538 N. Market St.

Wooster, Ohio 44691

(330) 263-5225