Downtown Waste Collection

Downtown Waste Collection Program

Save Money and Keep Downtown Clean - Wooster’s Downtown Waste Collection Program offers businesses an affordable alternative to renting and enclosing their own waste containers.

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How to Sign Up

Please complete a Downtown Waste Collection Application and return to Wooster City Services in-person, by mail, or by email at the following:

Municipal Building
Downtown Waste Collection
538 North Market Street
PO Box 1128
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Or email a scanned copy to

Phone: 330.263.5228

Fax: 330.263.5247

Our office hours are:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday

For questions about billing or refuse collection questions, please contact Wooster City Services at: 330.263.5228.

Please Note: A WCS account number is required and the monthly service fee will be added to your regular utility bill. If you are a tenant and do not have a WCS account number, please contact your building owner to set up your service. Payments are accepted in-person or mail at the same address.

Help the environment and save a stamp by going Paperless. Sign up Online for Automatic Billing! Please see also Authorization for automatic deduction of payments.


Where To Access Waste Containers

Waste Collection Enclosures are within easy walking distance of most Downtown Businesses and Residences.
• Merchant’s Block Parking Lot (Waste and Recycling)
• North Buckeye Parking Lot (Waste Only)
• South Buckeye Parking Lot (Waste and Recycling)


Downtown Waste Collection Rates

Residential Units - $11.75 per month
1 Standard Waste Unit

Retail, 1,200 SF or Less - $11.75 per month
1 Standard Waste Units

Retail, Greater than 1,200 SF - $23.50 per month
2 Standard Waste Units

Restaurant - $58.75 per month
5 Standard Waste Units

Office/Other, 1,200 SF or Less - $11.75 per month
1 Standard Waste Unit

Office/Other, Greater than 1,200 SF - $23.50 per month
2 Standard Waste Units

As per City of Wooster Ordinance 2012-20, Waste Collection rates are based on service address use and size. Fees are subject to change. Additional information is available in City of Wooster Ordinance, Chapter 945.


Waste Collection Rules

• For the safety of others, please use side entrance doors to access waste enclosures rather than gates when possible.

• Do not dispose of any prohibited materials. Please contact Waste Management (800.343.6047) for a detailed list of prohibited items.

• Only waste generated at the Service Address, and not at any other location, may be disposed within Downtown Waste Containers. The Service Address must be located within the defined City of Wooster Central Business District.

• Please report any overfilled receptacles to Wooster City Services (330.263.5228).

• Please respond timely with bill payments. If waste collection service is no longer desired, please contact Wooster City Services to suspend or cancel your account to avoid further billing. Waste collection fees are assessable to the service address.

• Do not grant unauthorized individuals access to the waste receptacle. Illegal dumping increases costs for Waste Collection services, hurting residents and businesses while creating safety issues. Waste containers are monitored.


Downtown Waste Collection Application

In order to start your access to the Downtown Waste Collection program, each property owner or authorized tenant must provide the following information to set up their account. If you own multiple properties in Wooster, please provide an Application Form for each property. This application can be found at the link below.

By submitting this Application, you certify that you are either the property owner of the service address, or if you are a tenant, you are authorized by the property owner to order this service. You affirm that your selection of refuse service accurately depicts your service address. You affirm that you have read and agree to follow all Downtown Waste Collection Rules.

Note: Only service addresses within the defined City of Wooster Central Business District are eligible to participate in the Downtown Waste Collection Program.


Waste Containers Within Public Spaces and Alleys

For safety reasons, waste containers are not permitted in public areas, public rights-of-way, or within public parking spaces (even if leased). Waste receptacles on private property are permitted provided they are properly screened. (Please see Ord. 2012-24) Wooster’s Downtown Waste Collection program offers affordable alternatives for businesses lacking space for containers or seeking lower monthly payments.

Downtown Waste Collection Program Application