Urban Forestry Commission


The Urban Forestry Commission shall have power to study, investigate, plan, advise, report and recommend to Council, the Director of Administration or the Mayor any action, program, plan or legislation which the Commission finds or determines to be necessary or advisable for the care, preservation, trimming, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in public ways, streets and alleys.


The Board meets the second Monday of the month at City Hall in the Council Chambers at 5:00 PM.


Terms ending 12/31/23

  • Karolyn Miller - Ward 2

  • Melissa Schultz - Ward 4

Term ending 12/31/24

  • Dr. Alan Kiefer - Ward 4

Terms ending 12/31/22

  • Raymond Leisy - Ward 1

  • Bob Romig - Ward 3 - Vice Chairman

  • Steve Webster - Ward 4 - Chairman

City Representative(s)

  • Joel Montgomery - Director of Administration

  • Roger Kobilarcsik - City Engineer

  • Curt Denning - Public Properties Maintenance, Manager

  • Vince Marion - City Planner

  • Dan Yarnell - Arborist II

  • Public Properties Maintenance, Supervisor

*Members are serving 3 year terms