Wooster Water = High Quality H2O!

Our staff has been informed of the Facebook post from January 13, 2020 where an individual implied contracting Hepatitis A from our drinking water.

As mentioned by the Wayne County Health Department, there have been no cases of Hepatitis A transmitted through the water system.

It does not exist in the raw well water, nor in the highly treated, chlorine disinfected finished water.

The suggestion that the finished drinking water for the City of Wooster has caused this illness is simply erroneous.

Water treatment operations are staffed around the clock with nearly 20,000 quality tests per year to ensure regulatory compliance, customer safety and satisfaction. EPA regulations, internal controls, continual and redundant testing and treatment ensure a drinking water that is contaminate free, this includes no viruses and no bacteria. Safe drinking water is possible through our sophisticated treatment facilities, dedicated individuals, rigorous testing, and excellent communication with our consumers and the Ohio EPA.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Joel Montgomery, Director of Administration, 330-263-5244. or Nate Coey, Wooster Utilities Manager at 330-263-5284.