Winter Storm Harper

The City of Wooster, Snow & Ice Control operation is preparing for the forecasted Winter Storm Harper moving through the area this coming weekend. We will be monitoring the snow storm before and during the event making any necessary adjustments that are needed. Our professional staff of snowplow drivers will be attacking the snow storm from the beginning and well past the end of the storm to ensure all of the roadways have been cleared and safe for travel. 

Our staff will first be treating the roadways with sodium chloride (rock salt) to help prevent the snow - once driven on - from forming an ice bond to the roadway surface. Having this layer of sodium chloride on the roadways will greatly improve the snowplowing operations efficiency and effectiveness. 

Please be considerate staying at least 100' away from our Snow & Ice Control equipment and be patient when following - never passing our trucks. Snow & Ice Control Operation lasting for many hours are physically and mentally taxing on our staff. To help the staff stay focused, it is important that they have proper sleep, consuming healthy foods and staying properly hydrated.

To assist our Snow & Ice Control Operations, citizens and plowing contractors should NOT shovel, plow, or blow snow onto or across any City street. This delays the process of clearing the streets and is prohibited under City Ordinance 521.06 and Ohio Revised Code 4511.74.