Performance Dashboard

The City of Wooster is committed to providing the best public service possible to its residents. To further our commitment to excellent service, the City Administration, in collaboration with all city departments, created these dashboards to highlight performance related to the City's organizational goals.

City Core Values on Tablet

The Performance Dashboard provides:

  • Regularly updated, easily understood, and measurable indicators, at a glance, on the City’s current operations in areas such as public safety or economic development.
  • Previous performance measures and trends for certain indicators and when relevant setting future goals for improving or maintaining a certain level of performance.
  • Similar national, state, or local figures as a benchmark for Wooster’s performance for relevant indicators.

The Dashboard project is a valuable tool for engaging residents and fostering accountability by creating a clear picture of the City’s operations. Also, the Dashboard seeks to ensure that our performance outcomes align with our organizational goals and that overtime the City continues to enhance efficiency in the services provided to residents. Your voice matters. To help us better serve you please fill out feedback forms on the indicator pages and tell us what information you want to know.