NEW SCHEDULE for Waste and Recycling Collection



Waste Management has informed the City that it must expand its collection schedule to three days weekly in order to eliminate ongoing delays that many residents have faced over the last few months. Commencing August 28th, 2019, the new schedule will provide customers south of Wayne Avenue service on Wednesday, while central neighborhoods will be serviced Thursday, and customers north of Milltown/State Route 83/Portage Road will be serviced on Friday. This change will impact approximately 30% of our customers, most of whom will receive waste collection one day later. (Customers residing on or east of Beall Avenue between Bowman and Wayne Avenues will be serviced on Wednesday rather than Thursday, one day earlier.)

Waste Collection Map

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Impacted customers will receive postcards and those with a phone number on file will also receive an automated phone message reminding them of the upcoming change.

This follows the July 21st 2019 flash flood which inundated the company’s Bauer Road facility with six feet of water and destroyed its local truck fleet. In the aftermath, the company was forced to relocate its Wooster headquarters to its Waynesburg landfill facility in Stark County, about 43 miles away, and is still in the process of obtaining replacement equipment. This has added roughly two hours of on-road time for drivers, who are time-limited on roadways per Ohio Department of Transportation laws. Unfortunately, given its location in a floodplain, the Bauer Road facility cannot be rebuilt due to ongoing flood risk, and the company will need to continue operating Waynesburg into the foreseeable future.

The City of Wooster entered into a contract with Waste Management, the nation’s largest waste and environmental services provider, for collection services from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2020. The contract rate is significantly below prevailing market rates, and far below the cost the City would incur if it handled such services on its own. However, many City neighborhoods have experienced multiple delays over the last several months. Customers deserve consistency in service and the new changes will ensure collection on a more reliable schedule. A three-day schedule was not provided in the original contract, however, Waste Management maintains that the new routing is its only means to ensure timely collection in the months ahead.

Quality and convenient service for customers is extremely important to Wooster City Services. The City will be launching a citizen survey in the near future to obtain feedback from customers as it moves forward in seeking a new waste and recycling contract with new terms later this year.

More information on the City of Wooster’s Waste and Recycling Program is available on our website at: