Leaf Pick Up Update

Leaf Collection Update 12/2/22:  Round 1 of leaf pick-up is tentatively scheduled to be completed on Monday, December 5th.  Round 2 will be begin on Tuesday, December 6th. The leaf collection schedule (street by street) can be found on the city’s website - https://www.woosteroh.com/parks-ppm/leaf-collection


Leaf Collection Update 11/21/22: The City's Public Properties Maintenance Division (PPM) is operating four sections behind the originally scheduled pick-up day, which equates to six work days. PPM crews are currently working in section 7, which has our second greatest amount of leaves collected annually. Our goal is to complete section 7 sometime this coming Wednesday (11/23), then move on to section 8 thereafter. We will resume work the following Monday (11/28) after enjoying Thanksgiving Day and weekend with family and friends.

The PPM staff continues to do an amazing job collecting over 5000 cubic yards, or 420 dump truck loads, of leaves since the beginning of the season on October 31st. At this rate, our crews are filling one dump truck every 20 minutes. Annually, our crews collect approximately 7500 cubic yards of leaves per year, so after today we'll essentially be 2/3 complete. The last 3 years, PPM has collected on average 392 dump truck loads before Thanksgiving and this year we're on pace to collect 490 loads.