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City of Wooster & Wooster City Schools - Safe Routes to School Program

The City of Wooster & Wooster City Schools are launching the Safe Routes to School Program to encourage children to walk and bike to school.

Safe Routes To School

Safe Route to Schools (SRTS) programs use a comprehensive approach to make school routes safe for children to walk and bicycle. Community leaders, parents and schools are using these programs to better the lives of their children one step at a time.

The City of Wooster and Wooster City Schools are also working together to determine any issues and find ways to improve walking and bicycling conditions. Safe Route to School programs work to:

1. Assess the safety of school travel routes

2. Encourage more walking and bicycling to school through fun promotions and events

3. Make engineering changes such as building sidewalks, improving street crossings and training crossing guards

4. Educate students, parents and drivers about safe travel

5. Promote safe walking and bicycling throughout the community

Wooster's Contribution

The information available on these pages can be used as a starting point for families, school or church groups and any other organizations to help identify problem areas.

Informtaional Links:

City Events:

Wayne County Events: