With warmer temperatures come those pesky little mosquitoes that tend to try to ruin our outdoor enjoyment time! The City of Wooster uses a tactical approach to control mosquitoes.  While mosquitoes are more prevalent in the hot, rainy months of the year, we know that they still exist in general conditions and develop in water during their immature stages.  Eradication is unrealistic, so a more...
In 2014, the City initiated a new program of regular periodic inspections of properties located in the R-T Zoning District (Traditional Residential). This district surrounds the downtown business district and contains approximately 1,762 parcels. The majority of the homes located in this district date back to before 1935 and require a lot of maintenance. The Building Standards Division inspected...
For preparation of paving in our alleys, we will be conducting tree trimming and brush-clearing in the alleys throughout the city.  Please be cautious around any of these areas.