Leaf Collection UPDATE - 12/28/16


The City's Leaf Collection Operations are behind on the originally scheduled pick-up.

We experienced some setbacks starting 3 weeks ago with a snow storm that required our Division to switch gears to Snow and Ice Control Operations. 

Then... unseasonably cold temperatures froze up our equipment.

And THEN... an ice storm passed through, freezing the leaf piles.

With the weather conditions and ice that was lying on top of the leaf piles our crews were doing the best they could considering the conditions.

NOW... with the mild temperatures and the leaf piles thawed we are making progress once again!!

We will complete Section 7 today (12/28) and continue on into Sections 8 and 9 with the Leaf Collection Operations.

Next week crews will be making one last run through of the City collecting the last piles of the leaves.

To access the Leaf Collection Zone map please go to http://www.woosteroh.com/sites/default/files/2016%20Leaf%20Map%20Layout.pdf