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Current Job Opportunities

    Police Officer Vacancy Announcement - Job Description
    Engineering Inspector II Vacancy Announcement - Job Description
    Laborer Position Vacancy Announcement - Job Description

    How To Apply

    Building Standards

    If you are interested in working for the City of Wooster after reviewing any postings in the "Current Job Opportunities" section found above please do the following.

    1. Download and complete the City of Wooster employment application found on the right hand side of this page.

    2. Download and complete the police and fire waiver, (if applicable) also found on the right hand side of this page.

    3. REMEMBER TO: Save the changes made to the documents!

    4. After saving your changes to the downloaded documents send us the completed application, your resume and completed waiver (if applicable). You may do so by any of the following methods:

    (a) by email send to: applicant@woosteroh.com
    (b) by fax: 330-263-5213, Att: Applicant
    (c) by mail:

    City of Wooster HR Dept.
    Att: Applicant
    538 N. Market St.
    Wooster Ohio 44691

    Your application and resume will then be kept on file for ONE YEAR, which requires all applicants to submit an updated copy of their application and resume each year. If your application and resume have been submited and a new position is posted that may interest you, please call the Human Resources Department at, 330-263-5254, and notify them to place your application information with the new opening you want to apply for.

    Email all questions to: hr@woosteroh.com