Three words that capture our proactive approach toward achieving a healthy balance with our City's environment. We take great pride in the natural beauty of the landscape in which Wooster has grown. There is a deep respect for the hard work Wooster's citizens have performed in building and enhancing our City. We accept the profound responsibility of ensuring that City operations use our natural resources efficiently and effectively, so as to impact the environment as benevolently as possible. We are proud to present some of the efforts our City departments & divisions have made towards being "green" in our City.
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Parks & Recreation
Planning & Zoning
  Some of the benifits of trees in the community include:

  • Look beautiful
  • Provide cooling shade
  • Produce oxygen
  • Absorb carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Reduce wind erosion
  • Produce food for humans
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Provide habitat for wildlife
  • Produce fiber for paper
  • Increase property values
  • Condition and filter the
    air we breathe
  • Improve water quality
  • Provide jobs for
    thousands of Ohioans