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City Council Directory

The members of City Council are representatives for the citizens of the city of Wooster. They have been elected to oversee the city budget, establish goals, and set policies.

Every citizen is welcome to join the council meetings that take place on the first and third Monday of each month. The meeting begins at 7:30 with citizen input to follow. If you wish to view all scheduled meetings for the year they can be found by following this link: "Click Here".

The City of Wooster is currently divided into four wards. City Council consists of one Council Member from each of these wards, all Council Members are elected to a four-year term.

Current Ward / Members

Ward Member Phone Email Term Expires
1 330-749-3659 Send 12/31/15
2 330-417-6393 Send 12/31/17
3 330-464-1710 Send 12/31/15
4 330-262-0708 Send 12/31/17
President 330-264-3987 Send 12/31/15
At-Large 330-262-7488 Send 12/31/17
At-Large 330-345-2516 Send 12/31/17
At-Large 330-264-6342 Send 12/31/15
Clerk Anthony Ramos Jr. 330-263-5242 Send N/A

Wooster Wards

Don't know your ward number? Click the numbers/links on the map below to view large scale maps of each ward.