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Building & Planning Division

Our mission is to guide the thoughtful development and renewal of the community through the most appropriate and judicious regulation of the land use in the City and to protect the public from hazards incidental to the design, erection, repar, demolition, maintenance, and occupancy of all buildings using effective code enforcement.

Division Responsibilities

Building & Planning

The Division is under the direction of the Director of Administration and the Mayor and controls the construction, erection, repair, alteration, demolition, removal, and occupancy of all buildings and structures within the City of Wooster jurisdiction. The Division issues approximately 1,500 permits annually and collects fees to enforce all construction related codes and perform over 3,000 code inspections annually for approximately $70,000,000 of construction. We perform about 350 commercial and residential plan reviews each year, issue certificates of occupancy for new and existing buildings, conduct licensing inspections for day care facilities and group homes, conduct change of use and general safety inspections, review plans for Accessibility, license over 1,500 contractors, and conduct pre-construction meetings. The department also enforces the City's floodplain regulations, property maintenance code, housing standards, zoning codes, backflow valve program, and other general regulations.

The Division maintains certification of the division and personnel with the State of Ohio Department of Commerce. The Building Standards Divisionemphasizes excellent service by creating customer involvement. We invitedesigners, developers and contractors to define and construct our services tofit their needs. The Division has trained personnel effectively communicatingCode compliance issues by the development of contractors seminars, directingcontractors to information sources, creating informative guides, usingeffective written correspondence and verbal communication.

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